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Unique Canvas is a sister run company, and we are fiercely committed to creating a memorable experience for all our guests.  We take our business very seriously, but ensure a healthy dose of fun in all aspects of our life. 

Aimee is a strong willed, hands on business minded mom of one beautiful little girl, Scarlett.  She enjoys getting her hands dirty on her 20 acre property, MacDonald Acres, where she runs an RV Park, garden nursery and wedding venue with her husband Kayle. Allana has a love of the finer things in life but isn’t afraid to dig deep and get her hands dirty too; she is a hardworking mom of 3 beautiful kids, Shawn, Caleb and Brooklynn and works full time in healthcare. “We are two halves of a whole and without one another the dream of Unique would not have come to fruition. 

Allana moved up to Kelowna with her family in 2007 and Aimee followed in 2016. We have always been best friends and it is so important that we be able to raise our girls together as they are only two months apart.  The Okanagan has always been a huge part of our lives as we grew up camping, hiking, skiing and living on the water all summer growing up.

Brooklynn and Scarlett, both turn 5 this year, and are loving being a part of building this company.  They have a lot of design ideas and we have relished in the opportunity to gettheir input during the design process of the tents.  We want to lead by example and show our daughters that they can do anything.  Being moms and running our own business means making it work on the fly, so you’ll often find us making the local MacDonald’s playground, indoor kids area or park, a pop up office. 

Unique is looking forward to welcoming guests for any occasion whether it’s a family vacation, couples getaway or a special event we will strive to make it Unique.  We currently offer three Bell Canvas luxury glamping tents with 250 square feet of living space.  The tents are nestled on a private corner of our sister company, MacDonald Acres, which is known for its beautiful views of the mountains, valley and Okanagan Lake.

To us, Unique encompasses the best of each of us and our love of both camping and the outdoors as well as an appreciation for the comforts that come from staying in an luxurious hotel.  We are excited to share this unforgettable experience with all our guests.

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Just like our girls, we are very different but have an unbreakable bond and have always made our friendship a priority; even if that means landscaping and cowboy boots for one sister and high heels and manicures for the other. Love sometimes means we must make sacrifices!

Ultimately we share the same goals, drive and determination to make our business successful and, ultimately, Unique.

“There is nothing we wouldn’t do for our family, friends and one another.”