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Self-isolating in luxury during COVID-19

As I gaze out my window, morning coffee in hand, the sun just starting to make an appearance peek from behind the clouds, I forget for just a moment that the mornings are still chilly and COVID 19 still looms over our world.

It’s been a different kind of spring break than we were anticipating and after a couple of weeks of just work and home I recognize that I am feeling cooped up. Although we are not privy to our usual amounts of freedom we can still do many things to pass the time and to plan for a future without COVID 19 or at the very least with loosened restrictions as there will be a time that the curve begins to flatten and we can begin to return to our lives.

Don’t put a hold on your getaways all together

While we know there is some reluctancy to book summer vacations with a pandemic looming over our heads but the truth is planning and looking forward to when the borders open or even when the self isolation and social distancing rules are loosened, we will all be ready for a vacation or a staycation.

“It is scientifically proven that travelling can boost your health and researches at the University of Surrey in the UK conducted a study in 2002 and found that people are happiest when they have a trip upcoming “ (Source: Lifehack

On that note, think sun (we all know Vitamin D is good for our overall health), fresh air, being outdoors – why not go glamping.  Check out this great article on the health benefits of fresh air and sunshine: Health Benefits of Fresh Air and Sunshine

Consider planning a vacation that still meets social distancing

Glamping is a vacation you can plan even if some social distancing guidelines are still in place. Where better to social distance than out on beautiful acreage in a private glamping tent equipped with all the luxuries of a hotel room. No more being cooped up at home or in a hotel room.

What can you expect while Glamping?

Unique Canvas offers 3 uniquely designed bell canvas glamping tents. Each tent is equipped with everything you need to sit back, relax and take in nature. Located on a private corner of 20 beautiful landscaped acres, our tents are the perfect self isolating getaway.

Glampers will have their own glamping spot with ample room to roam while maintaining plenty of privacy and distance from your nearest glamping neighbor. Guests can book time slots for arrival and will receive a glamping guidelines and instructions via email prior to their stay. A brief video will be sent prior to arrival for guests like would like to have a host free check-in.

Bonus – no hours of packing, setting up and taking down.

Check out on of our AirBnB listings here.

Glamping Tips

  • Plan ahead and meal prep so you can set up and stay in the event that restrictions for contact are still in place for COVID 19. Everything you need for to prepare your food is supplied as part of your accommodations.
  • Contact your host ahead of time to arrange for any addon’s for your stay such as fire pit and propane rental or ice for your cooler.
  • Bring extra clothes so you can layer up and enjoy the cooler evenings
  • Don’t forget your toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sun screen and bug spray.

What we are doing to flatten the curve?

Our bathroom and shower facilities are completely disinfected with bleach between guest stays and each guest will be supplied with cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer as guest facilities are a shared space.

All guests’ accommodations are thoroughly cleaned between guest stays and we are following the most current recommendations for cleaning as outlined by the CDC.

Making it a Staycation

Locals – email us with #okanaganlocal and to receive a special promotion available only to locals.

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